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Thread: ISP THETA PreAmp Pedal questions ***

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    ISP THETA PreAmp Pedal questions ***


    i have seen many videos of this pedal and i have some questions:

    compared to all other analog distortions ?? for example jhs pedal AT bogner burnley or suhr riot ?

    Sounds maybe a little compresed and thin or not ?

    Also will it work nice in the front clean channel of a full tube amp ?

    thanx in advance

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Videos can be misleading, especially web-based content that suffers from high audio compression to begin with. The only way to really hear a pedal is to sit in front of an amp and experiment with it - preferably with your own amp and your own guitar. Again, whether it would work for you comes down to playing style - maybe it's fine for a metal or rock guitarist, maybe less so for a country or jazz player.

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