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Thread: Measuring resonant peak

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    Measuring resonant peak

    Hey there fellas, anyone here attempt to measure resonant peak of pickups. Either with dual trace or one of them fancy syscomp design boxes? And if so, what was your method/chain?

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    There are many threads already regarding measurement of resonance peak and using the Syscomp goodies.

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    A signal generator and a scope to show the Lissajous pattern works great. You need a good LCR meter also to measure the inductance. I have that and a Syscomp setup. The scope probes included with the Syscomp load down the circuit and give false readings due to the high capacitance, especially on 1x. You need decent probes with the lowest picofarads you can afford. I should draw my circuit out but it was pieced together from the web.

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    With a search I found a couple things to answer the questions I had. I was more curious of the different methods people use. I personally just started running the Syscomp Mini since its the easiest. But part of me really wants to grab a scope and generator.

    Also, thanks to the guys that sent me PMs on how they do it. Good reading!

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