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Thread: Beseler 45-S

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    Beseler 45-S

    Sorry...did not know who else to ask.
    Can you guys tell me.....
    1. What these are.
    2. Is there a modern day replacement i can order from Mouser, Digi-Key, Etc etc.?
    Thank You

    I pulled these from a PCB inside of a Darkroom/Photo Enlarger. I am told that one or both are part of the problem i am having. The timer that controls the light source in the enlarger does not always work.
    For example.....if you have the timer set for 5 seconds, and then trigger the timer...sometimes the enlarger light will come on right away (like it should) but other times there is a delay of 1-2-3 seconds. I have tried three different timers. The problem IS in the enlarger.

    Best i can make out, the part numbers are:
    They both also say Vactec and Vactrol

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    These are obsolete. I guess you could make your own from an neon and an LDR. You may be able to remove the cover off the ones you have and replace the parts.

    I found a data sheet for the VTL-9B8 VTL9A.pdf

    The other number 21L-255 I don't recognize.

    I would not do surgery on these parts until you are 100% sure they are the problem. Have you searched for a schematic or asked Besler for one?
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    Thank You -
    I sent Beseler an email, but they are a bit of a defunct company at this point. I will see if they get back to me.
    I was surprised to see this PCB...not sure what it does. I thought the timer could simply turn the power, to the light source, On and Off.?
    The PCB has several resistors and caps and a couple of pots on it.....
    Thanks Again

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