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Thread: Vintage EHX Polychorus flange/filter matrix settings distorting

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    Vintage EHX Polychorus flange/filter matrix settings distorting

    Picked up a vintage Polychorus for a decent price because it wasn't working properly. So far I've gotten the Chorus and slapback to work properly however, the flange and filter matrix settings aren't playing ball.

    When they're engaged the signal, both dry and wet gets completely mangled with some wierd clipping like a gated fuzz as well as the sweep for the clock aides the signal to drop out on the extreme high end of the cycle. Anyone else heard of a similar issue or have any idea where to start before I buckshot it?

    Thankfully the Reticons are working as they should.

    Looks far worse than it is. The exterior is completely ugly but there's not a skerrick of corrosion internally.

    EDIT; problem solved!

    Was the stupidest little thing too. The 4053 ic had an intermittent connection to V+ resulting in the switches not activating fully.

    Oh man this thing sounds amazing! I'm going to do a write up so that the next time someone has one to trouble shoot, they'll have a reference point including exactly which trim pots are where and how best to set them.

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    I want one! Luck the delay ICs are good - I've just been working on a pair of Bel flangers and it's the first time I've had a reason to find out the price of those things. They've sure beaten inflation and the rise in gold price.

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    They're pretty awesome. I was looking at a wholesale obsolete electronics supplier that have over 1000 MN3001s in stock and have been considering buying a few to test making a daughter board plug in for these old devices to replace the reticons. In new designs they wouldn't be too bad as they're similar to the SAD1024s given they're dual 512 BBDs. Give them a buffered clock with a high frequency and I'm sure some killer clanging cold be acheived.

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