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Thread: Line6 Tonecore Dock Clipping Problem

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    Line6 Tonecore Dock Clipping Problem

    I just picked up a used Echo Park as a spare/backup, but there is some very fuzz clipping happening, plus an unusual amount of hiss and windy noise. Something is very wrong.

    It works fine in bypass mode, so I swapped the Tonecore Echo Park module from my other pedal. No change, but this tells me the issue is with the dock -- not the module.

    I also flipped the internal dip switches that affect gain, and reduced the input using my amp effect loop's Send control but the fuzzy clipping was still there.

    I can't do repairs to SMDs myself, but have a friend who may be able to help. Any clues from someone where would be helpful before poking around in there, though.

    I only found one other instance of this issue on Line 6's tech support page, and they strongly recommended the guy just replace it.

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    Good luck 'fixing ' that.

    Narrowing it down to the power supply, the A/D Codec or the DSP is going to be a chore.

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    Thanks for that clue. Actually, I downloaded the full document a long time ago to research the DIP switch functions, but didn't notice there was a schematic at the back! One more clue I found was that the distortion goes away when the MIX control is turned up all the way. That suggests to me the problem is one of the final op-amps or maybe one of the input resistors.

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