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Thread: '76 Jazz Bass?

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    '76 Jazz Bass?

    I have a Jazz bass in and I'm trying to determine how much of it is correct. It's supposed to be a '76. The neck plate carries the correct serial number for that year and the bridge pickup is correct and has the '76 date code. Two of the pots have the codes for '76 too (the other is stamped 'Made in Japan'). The neck pickup is of uncertain origin - tape-wrapped and no markings.

    The neck is off something else and has a fake decal, metric-thread trussrod with allen-head adjustment from the body end. The scratchplate looks like a replacement and most of the screws are new.

    The single-piece ash body has been refinished in a very soft lacquer applied thickly, with runs, sanding marks and trapped bubbles/dust. You can dig your finger in it so could be acrylic. I'm undecided if this is an original body for that year. There's little sign of age and for some reason the neck-pocket stamps have been partially removed, though what remains could be Fender, or could have been done to give that impression.

    What do you think?


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    It sounds like a good player, not truly vintage.
    Regional players here, want them to look fender, and sound decent.
    Neck pickup probably went out, and got replaced.
    Neck was probably warped, or had fret damage and got replaced.
    Make it sound good, and return it?
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    I think it would make a pretty decent player. It needs a new nut and some shimming - the pocket has been routed along one edge and makes for a loose fit. Miscellaneous other faults, plus the tuner ferrules are too slack in the neck and are wrapped with tape, so tuning stability is poor. All can easily be fixed. I took another look at the ink stamps - the circular one reads 'B.ROBL' and maybe this can place the body in a certain period.

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