I think a lot of people got a free ride without realizing it. Have you ever watched YouTube without paying for a subscription? If so then you got a free ride on Youtube, where youtube consumed a lot of your ISP bandwidth. YT followed the same business model that everyone else is using -- they gave away Free Rides for a long time, to get everyone hooked on the service, and now that everyone is hooked, everyone has the option of paying for a subscription to YouTube Red or being subjected to nag ads. The free ride was there, it's over now. Life changes. Deal with it. Move on. Stop being a crybaby.

It's funny that Mark is now pointing out that another Murdoch can now come along and scoop up businesses and control news content. I've been labelled a conspiracy theorist for years for saying exactly that. Welcome to the Conspiracy Theorist Club, Mark.

This is your wake up call -- there's no neutrality anywhere. Not in the TV media, not in the print media, not in the Net. It's all programming for the people who are naive enough to accept it.