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Thread: Technics SC CA1080 Hifi amp

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    Technics SC CA1080 Hifi amp

    Im hoping somebody can help me I have a Technics SC CA1080 hifi midi system in
    Iv'e had these before, Normally a dj or two on the output chip,
    This one had the same found a few djs , soldered them back up, and tested found still no sound. Headphone working ok as this comes from another chip

    Found i had correct supply voltage and see audio in on the scope and can see nothing at the outputs

    Replaced the chip ( IC501 RSN3403 and still the same.
    Signal is present at the inputs
    all the voltages at the chip are present and correct apart from
    Pin 7= 0v
    Pin 12= 0v at collector junction with
    The chip i got new from ebay and UK firm had it shipped from china i have used them before but never for this item

    Anybody have any idea's

    Have a good Day


    Forget the link below i attached the wrong one !!
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    Disk Jockey?

    What is a dj?

    Q201,202 are muting transistors at the PA input. Are they turned on?
    Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.

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    Dj = dry joint I have finished for the day now I will check tomorrow. Thanks enzo

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