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Thread: RCA replacement for turntable.

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    RCA replacement for turntable.

    The RCA plugs on the end of my lead are screwed and I want to replace the entire cable.

    At the internal end is the plug pictured below. Could anyone advise me what this is called and if you think replacing the entire cable is the best option.




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    Ok so I figure that plastic plug is essentially the same as soldering the wires directly to the pins? it is possible to solder new wires onto those pins that would have connected to the plastic housing plug? Sorry for being an amateur here, any help greatly appreciated.

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    I would just get a couple of these (or something like it) and replace the ends. That's more than likely where the problem is. You can cut the ends off first and check the wires for continuity/shorts before you order the ends to verify it isn't a cable problem.

    Or, if you have a cable laying around and don't want to wait, just cut the wire inside the unit and splice using heat shrink to cover up the joint. I would not mess with the internal connector end.
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    Good options there, dude. Thanks. I'm going to try and get a new set on with the plugs as you mentioned first.

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    The white nylon end is a housing from the Molex KK-156 series. From my years in field service I actually carry those parts in my tool kit. The nylon housings come in single space up to 20. I just carried a couple 20-space ones, and cut them to length to fit my needs. The wire ends are crimp on pins. You prepare the wire ends, crimp a pin on each, then each wire/pin snaps into a hole on the housing, simple really.

    Myself, I'd rather cut off the ends of an RCA patch cord and put KK-156 pins on the wires, but then I hate soldering RCA plugs. You do need a crimp tool wwhich I think are under $30.

    I used to buy the pins and housings in bulk, but Mouser sells small kits with housing and some pins, even includes male headers.
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    Very useful and informative. That you very much. Armed with this info I think I will be successful.

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