Hello, first time posting here. I would like to ask a question about a Echolette Klemt NG51 I aquired yesterday off reverb.com. The unit I have is very clean and in full working order. However, I have noticed that when I turn all 3 record heads to their max levels, the 2nd record head is louder than the other 2. I red somewhere that there are inernal trim pots that can adjust the volume of these heads even further. I would like to make sure about this before I go noodling around inside because I know nothing about electronics.

Also, I get a 60 cycle hum as I increase the "reverb" volume. I read on this forum that there is a hum balance pot to adjust this but the poster never mentioned if this hum balance pot is for the preamp or the tape delay section because this hum is only present when the tape echo function is engaged. Otherwise it is whisper quiet.