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Thread: Dimebucker INFO NEEDED

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    Dimebucker INFO NEEDED

    Hey everyone,

    A friend of mine was poking around his dimebucker and he managed to break one of the bobbins... I'm fixing this for him but i was wondering if anyone here knows what gauge wire this use? I'm guessing a 43 awg but maybe it's 44awg.

    Any info kindly appreciated.


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    With a pickup DCR of 16.5, most likely it is 44sp wire.
    If the bobbin dimensions are similar to a Gibson Dirty Fingers?
    Probably 7000-7200 turns of 44SP, will get you close.
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    Duncan does a bunch of pickups in that same 16.4k range that uses 44 gauge wire ..I agree With Terry .
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    Thanks for your input guys... I'll give it a go on 44awg.

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