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Thread: Truncated Icosohedron speaker/liquor dispenser

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    Truncated Icosohedron speaker/liquor dispenser

    No, really

    Click image for larger version. 

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    32-Sided Handmade Truncated Icosohedron Speaker 1 of 1. | eBay

    Mounted with 32 (count em!) Alpine 6.5" Type R coax car speakers

    These speakers are about $55 ea , so 55 X 32 = $1800, so added $20k must be for Crown amp, lacquer and ... the liquor dispenser!!
    from description:
    "The speaker also serves as a way to serve alcohol. It will not come full of alcohol but it can hold 3 seperate taps inside it. Each tap holds over 750 ml of liqour for a total of 3 bottles. "
    detail of brass taps
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I guess he decided all that internal volume wasn't doing much for the bass response and he needed to "dampen" it somehow...
    He won't even ship it full!! This nut job is going to Med school?!

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    That added $20k is for the 15 coats of (nitrocellulose) lacquer. It's worth it. It improves the tone.

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    And any cosmetic problems will just buff right out...


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