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Thread: Oscilloscope, necessary tool or nearly worthless? Battling other shops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sowhat View Post
    I ran a big Chicago music store service department in the 60's and early 70's before moving out to California and even back then I had a scope, generator, meters and all the nice trimmings at hand and not just for show, I actually used them to effect repairs. I find a scope invaluable for numerous reasons and I don't see how anyone can claim to provide professional service without these things being available even if they don't use them much... they actually do have a use. Now a days however that compliment of test equipment has increased to include things like inspection microscopes, hot air stations, temperature controlled irons, and a lot of SMD related stuff because aside from tube gear, I do solid state, digital and even luthier work. I have a comprehensive but small machine shop as well, I'm armed for bear!. For years out here in California I ran my own shop in my own home and I didn't quibble about money very much, I was having fun and anyway during the day I was working aerospace engineering which is what actually paid the rent. Since I retired I have teamed up with a local San Diego music shop and they let me move my repair shop in store to give them a more professional presentation. I charge them by fingers. 1 finger means 1 hour which is my minimum and 2 fingers means 2 hours and so on. Parts are charged to include shipping costs, taxes and handling and what the parts actually cost. So, it would be 1 finger plus $16.98 in parts and like that. What they charge is up to them, I think they tack on 30% or so to cover things like electricity and air conditioning. I give them a wholesale finger price of $40.00 a finger. That's relatively cheap around here but it's a wholesale price and gives them enough margin to make things work... pays for my gas and a bad Starbucks iced mocha habit.
    So the customer is really introuble when you say its an arm and a leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzo View Post
    I can buy a can of beer at the grocery for a dollar or less, If I buy the same can of beer at a restaurant or bar, it cost me $4-5 a pop.
    Now I get it.
    I'm paying for the ambiance.


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