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Thread: Blackstar HT5 with no aux in: how Can i add?

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    Blackstar HT5 with no aux in: how Can i add?

    Hello, excuse my bad english...
    I have a blackstar HT5 without aux input and i have the circuit diagram, i use the welder. I would like to know if It is possibile to add a connector to connect an audio source and how. Thank you!

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    This is not an easy amp to work on and goes beyond just adding a connector. You have issues regarding different signal levels, phasing, and mixing the audio with the guitar signal at an appropriate point so that the audio doesn't distort along with the guitar.

    Probably the easiest thing to do is to try a small mixer inserted into the effects loop. Connect the signal from the amp's 'Send' socket to one channel of a mixer, and the audio source to another (stereo) channel. Then use the mixer to get the right balance of levels and connect the mixer output to the amp's 'Return' socket. You should be able to use a CD, iPad, computer, etc and mix this with your guitar. Maybe borrow a simple mixer (4 channel) to try this out.

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