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Thread: Cerwin Vega CV-900 problems

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    Cerwin Vega CV-900 problems


    Does anyone have a schematic for a Cerwin Vega CV-900?
    I'm working on one that's kicking my butt.
    One side was out, power transistors blown. I replaced them & the emiter resistors. Everything else seems to check out fine.
    When I power it up I get 70 volts on the Collector and 35V on the Base and Emmiter of the NPN's and negative that on the PNP's
    I"m a tube guy & my transistor knowledge limited.


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    I was working on a CV amp a while back. Cerwin Vega told me they only release schematics to authorized service centers and I never did find one. I got the amp repaired by comparing the working channel to the other one.
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