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Thread: Two more for the ages :(

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    Two more for the ages :(

    Just got the word Walter Becker, founding member of Steely Dan, passed away earlier today.

    And about two weeks ago one of my guitar heroes, John Abercrombie. If you're not familiar, get a listen to his 1974 album "Timeless" with Jan Hammer and Jack DeJohnette, that's when I was turned on to him. He turned out a lot of work since then - I have a lot of catching up to do.

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    Ouch!!!! Both KILLER Musicians.

    But hey, the Calendar doesnīt lie, everyday a sheet is pulled, after some time they become real thin, and when the last one is pulled, thatīs it.

    Lately we keep finding the same sad news very often, I guess itīs just Statistics working

    Everytime I read one of these news I search YT and find some already from early 70īs , such as Steely Danīs from ī73 (announced by none other than Bill Cosby) or John Abercrombieīs from ī75 .... same thing.

    Personally, at 64 I am playing in the same team, so everyday when I wake up I bless God and say: "hey, another Day to live! ... cool !!!!"

    No need or use for over worrying, letīs live and enjoy one day at a time.

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    Been watching this today in memory.

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