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Thread: Question sound issue Kurzweil Mark 10 WN

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    Question Question sound issue Kurzweil Mark 10 WN

    Hello, I have an 18yr old Kurzweil Mark 10 console Piano that was in storage (unforunately) for 2 years. It now has sound issues all else seems good. You can barely hear it and it sounds tin like. The other instruments don't sound right either. Im sure it has moisture damage. Do you know what part might be the first to replace to see if it can be resolved? Thank you, Nanc

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    Who says it needs a part? I haven't serviced one of those in a long time, but if it has any memory, the first step would be to reinitialize the instrument. Is there a memory battery inside? Does the main volume control work smoothly - even if the sound is poor? How does it sound in headphones.

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