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Thread: DDX3216 hangs at CPU production test menu

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    DDX3216 hangs at CPU production test menu


    I bought a dead unit and fixed the power supply. Now the issue is that the unit is stuck in some sort of CPU production test.
    I have put in a memory card and loop back MIDI to pass those tests. But the RS232 does not get passed with a loop on the 9 pin connector.
    I made a video, just check

    Does anyone have a clue how to exit this test? Or can anybody let me know how to flash new firmware? There seems to be a tool that I can find nowhere on the internet...

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Hi and welcome.

    Did you do a factory reset?

    I did a quick search on this forum for the model and it turned up a lot of interesting stuff. Maybe read through the other replies to see if you can find what you need. I found the firmware, but it looks like you'd need to flash the EEPROMS outside of the unit. Depending on the specific device family, there are quite a few cheap Chinese programmers that work just fine with generic tools to erase/load/validate the chips. Quite a few of the people posting are still active, so may reply to a P.M.

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    Before we go nuts, make sure the communication cable to the display is good. Sometimes a diusplay board defaults to a diagnostic mode when communication to the host is lost. That used to be a test procedure with Ensoniq - pull the cable to the display and it went into test mode.
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    Of course I have checked the forum and the internet before. I found someone with a similar issue on YouTube, but he did not reply. I can say that I'm quite experienced with electronics repair from a hobby perspective. I had another, working, unit and swapped the eproms but the issue stayed in this unit; so it seems not related to the firmware.So probably this EOL production menu should either be finished without issues or be cancelled in any special way. For both I guess that need I some inside info from someone who worked at Behringer or who worked in an official repair shop....

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    Do you have a pinout diagram to the u? You could try a hard reset to main u. In most cases it just involves grounding (if it's a - reset) the reset pin through a 1k resistor while powering the unit up.

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    I have the diagram so I will definitely look into that option, thanks for the tip!

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