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    Got a JC40 in with a blown one. Anyone have a few I could buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowell View Post
    Got a JC40 in with a blown one. Anyone have a few I could buy?
    If you need it tomorrow try Mcdowell's Electronics on 9th Avenue. They're off the road a bit by a fire station.


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    Out of production and EBay ones are relabelled TDA2030 which is still being made.

    Unless you get one from somebody´s cache or some small town Mom and Pop shop which has a few in dusty shelves or a Tech who bought a few too many, your best bet is an LM1875 which are still being made.
    Not 25/30 W rated like 2050 but honest 20W , I guess JC40 is actually 20+20.

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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    Output power is defined by supply voltage(s) used in the amp and load resistance.

    For this reason, TDA2050 can be replaced with LM1875 and vice versa.
    The output power will be EXACTLY the same.

    Only two electric parameters should be considered when you need to replace output operational amplifier (IC):
    - The maximum allowable voltage of the IC, which is used as a replacement, should be greater than the supply voltage(s) of the amp.
    - The IC, which is used as a replacement, should have a minimum load resistance no more than the original one.

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