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Thread: Forum Quirks

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    Forum Quirks

    Has anyone else experienced the "Leave this page" when trying to reply to a post?

    This has happened in the past.

    If you simply close out the window the post goes through.

    If you click on the "Leave this page" the page comes up again.
    When you post from that, you end up with a 'double post' on the site.

    There are a number of these double posts in the past week.

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    I was getting that too.
    A few minutes ago I got a notice about it being a "duplicate post of one made in the last 5 minutes" and it only showed the one post, so maybe a fix is in the works?
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    Are you checking the remember me button when you log in?
    I used to get some strange things, until I checked "remember me".
    I haven't had any of that since!
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    A couple times in recent past. I usually save my post to the clipboard (just to be safe!), then accept leaving the page. I don't remember the notice reappearing? Other than that, it's behaved normally. I have seen a few double posts recently.

    edit: just happened again
    edit: just happened again

    so I hit 'leave this page', which lands me on the edit page with the stern warning about posting sooner than 28 seconds. Back button, and refresh, and all's good.

    [CONSPIRACY] I think it has to do with the forum clock NOT being off by 37 minutes any more [/CONSPIRACY]
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    I've experienced the "Leave this Page" thing this week also. I've been just agreeing to leave and my posts show up. I think, if you do otherwise, you get a double post?
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    Yeah, this happens every now and then, I think tboy needs to clear or reset something.
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