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Thread: Rane Active Crossover

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    Rane Active Crossover

    I've been using Rane AC-22 active crossover for over 10 years and low frequency output from 1 channel is getting weak. I turned it up little bit but to no avail. I checked all the connections for possible dirty contact but no problem there. It was a used unit I bought on eBay and worked fine. My guess is that some parts are expiring due to age. Could it be capacitors?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Here are Rane's schematics.
    Discontinued Rane Products

    Try to determine which year your unit was made to obtain the correct document.

    Not an easy unit to troubleshoot but you do have one working channel to compare signals to.

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    Sight unseen, my first suspect would be a failing op amp, but it could be anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzo View Post
    Sight unseen, my first suspect would be a failing op amp, but it could be anything.
    That was it. I replaced 2059 and TL072 and it's working again. Thank you.

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