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  • John Mayer

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  • Gary Clark, Jr.

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  • Doyle Bramhall

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Thread: POLL Who's Got the Best Blues Tone in This Video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob p View Post
    Maybe "Video Tone Poll: Who's Got the Best Blues Tone?" would have been a better title, but the board doesn't let peasants like me mod their thread titles.

    Interestingly, everyone who has complained that I did a bad job with the title has moderation powers and is capable of fixing the problem, but they're hijacking the thread instead. Why doesn't one of you just fix the problem instead of complaining about it?
    Your wish is my command, sire. I don't edit posts or titles without the member's permission and I would have never brought the issue up had you not made that snide comment to Terry which rubbed me the wrong. My bad...

    I will change the title to "Who's Got the Best Blues Tone in This Video?"

    As for hijacking your thread.... at AMPAGE and MEF I always thought that there was no such thing as a thread hijack. I figured that the more turns a thread took the better, like a meandering river... OT to me will *always* mean Output Transformer! .

    I agree that multi-guitar jams are usually a train wreck but your remark reminded me of my all-time favorite guitar video. One reason I posted the video was that a Google search turns up several other "Night of the Guitar" videos by other artists.

    Steve A.

    P.S. I was able to change the title of the thread but not that of the actual poll... * sigh! *
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    All I saw was the poll.
    I don't see his posts, so I missed it.
    I didn't know who did the poll at the time!
    My bad,
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    Quote Originally Posted by big_teee View Post
    All I saw was the poll.
    I don't see his posts, so I missed it.
    I didn't know who did the poll at the time!
    My bad,
    That's what I remember, too! I did not see the posts until after I voted in the poll. Once I voted I could not go back to the initial view to confirm that. I even tried logging out but since it did not recognize me as a member I was not given the option to vote. Arghhh!

    A big thanks to Bob P. for trying out the Poll software here so that we all can see how it works. I've never participated in a poll here before because I always thought that the questions were stupid but Bob's question intrigued me. I spent quite awhile thinking about my answer... Albert King? B.B King?? Mike Bloomfield? When I finally clicked on the thread I was very disappointed with the limited choices in the poll until I was able to read the first post. Oh.

    Steve A.

    P.S. I don't know what edit options are available to regular members here since being drafted to be a moderator. Evidently there is a certain timeframe during which posts and threads can be edited. If someone knows perhaps he can post that information. Also whether members can edit the titles of the threads that they have started.

    I guess I really need to create an alternate identity here using a VPN to cloak my real IP address. And hey, I could "like" my posts and thank myself for being such a wonderful guy!
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    Regular users can't change a thread title. Not ever. If I start a thread with a messed up title I can't change it.
    Regular users also can't return the favor of blocking Terry's posts. Everything he types is un-ignorable because he's a mod.
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    Is it possible (AHHEMMMM!, cough, cough) that a tiny fraction of animosity is leaking in here from the "Trump" thread in the form of opportunities in semantic nit picking??? That is, when SOME people decide they don't see eye to eye on one matter they might, subconsciously or otherwise, trigger to it and exploit innocuous issues for the purposes of conflict? I'm no psychologist and I'n not saying anyone here wants to sleep with their mom or anything, but I think I detect a weensy bit of pigtail pulling on the playground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve A. View Post

    I agree that multi-guitar jams are usually a train wreck...
    I agree. Although I do remember enjoying Eric Clapton's '24 Nights' at the Albert Hall, around 1990. Robert Cray, Buddy guy, among others guested. Everyone was pretty composed, and each has his own thing going on. Robert with his usual spanky Strat sound. I must admit a guilty pleasure of mine is Clapton's Strat tone from the '80s and around this time. The version of White Room was killer.

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    In my opinion Mayer is an easy last with his smooth jazz/ new age tone.

    Jimmy's tone is certainly pure and probably holds the closest to the original form(s). I have his music and enjoy it, but his solos aren't what I like for tone.

    I expected Bramhall to bring his usual aggressive tone but oh no, the smoothie thing got him too. No, wait, the tone is muscular and has punch, just awfully smooth. Second place.

    Well, there it is. Clark's tone is aggressive, but not raw. Plenty of beef, with a chime on top. It's all there, easy first place to my way of thinking.
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