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Thread: Danelectro Wiring Diagram - Like DC 59 But Without Concentric Pots (Pics Inside)

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    Question Danelectro Wiring Diagram - Like DC 59 But Without Concentric Pots (Pics Inside)

    I was doing some maintenance on my beater guitar and a bunch of loose solders had come undone. Is anyone able to give me a diagram of how to rewire this up? It's 2 lipstick pickups (3 wires each, not sure what's what), a 3 way switch (3 lugs in the middle and one off to the side), one volume, and one tone. I keep finding diagrams for the version of this guitar with the stacked concentric pots but can't find one for what I have. Pics below, any help is greatly appreciated so I can get this thing wired back up!



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    The way that pickup switch is grounded on one end makes me think the pickups were wired in series. The switch is probably an on-off-on and the 4th tab is just a ground connection. I don't have and can't find an actual Danelectro schematic, but it should be much like the Duo-sonic. Colors may, or may not, be different and you'll have to trace them out, but here's that wiring diagram. The pickups are in series and the switch shorts out one or the other, depending on switch position- or neither if in the middle.

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    Thanks, that worked great

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