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Thread: Test speakers under my bench

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    Test speakers under my bench

    Maybe a dumb question. I want to move my 12” test speaker from my bench shelve to under my bench.
    Just wondering if any of you have this setup and if there are any drawbacks?
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    I had a pair of 2x12 cabs under my bench the last 20 years. They were my main test speakers. They were out of the way and not taking up space I needed, I could hear them just fine. I brought the wires from them up to a small patch panel on my bench riser. My dummy load was under there as well, and I brought those wires up to the panel as well.

    In another shop I had an old West 4x12 cab - loaded with SROs of all things - sitting beside me at the bench. I used it as a table for my tool box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diydidi View Post
    Maybe a dumb question. I want to move my 12” test speaker from my bench shelve to under my bench.
    Just wondering if any of you have this setup and if there are any drawbacks?
    My test speaker lives under the workbench, it's a JBL 12. The drawback is, even though the JBL is a very bright speaker, I can't hear much clarity from it unless I pull it out from under the table. So . . . it sits on a wheeled dolly making that maneuver easier. I'd recommend putting a set of wheels on your test cab, or park it on a similar board-with-wheels-on-it. You'll need a direct path speaker to ear those times you need to evaluate hiss and low level noises.

    Another thing I keep around to help hear hiss & low level racket - a piezo horn driver mounted to a small plastic horn. With a speaker cable attached, quarter inch plug on the cable for easy attachment to most amps I work on. I keep it in my junk room generally, and break it out when needed. Must have cost about $30 to put together. It often answers the question "am I really hearing this, or am I imagining it?" The piezo is super responsive to high frequencies, and needs no crossover but you could put a 1 uF or so film cap in series with it if you please.
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    The test speaker under my workbench/dining room table was a 12" Mojo speaker (mfg unknown) mounted in the open back cabinet for my 20W 1978 Peavey Studio Pro SS combo amp with the chassis removed and replaced with a block of styrofoam from a shipping carton that happened to fit with a little persuasion. Its purpose was for testing for problems - if I was doing fine tuning tweaks I'd connect the chassis (usually from a combo amp not a head) to its regular speaker.

    Steve A.

    P.S. I took the liberty of correcting the spelling in the thread title as I am sure the OP would have done if he could. I normally do not edit posts unless requested by the member who posted it...

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    Since I don't actually work at my bench all that much, and I don't typically play my own amp when I'm doing that I just keep my 1X12 combo under my work bench and use it for a test speaker. A place to keep my amp that's out of the way and a test speaker all rolled into one. It's a duotasker Like Leo said, it can hamper fidelity. But I usually do my refined listening checks through any amps own cabinet anyway. I have, on occasion, just scooched the amp out for listening too, but if you'll do that a lot then the wheels are a good call.
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