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Thread: SWR California Blonde Speaker Replacmemt and Trouble Shooting

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    SWR California Blonde Speaker Replacmemt and Trouble Shooting

    Hey everyone, wondering if I can pick your brains a bit.

    I have an older Cali Blonde Acoustic Guitar Amp. I love it. I recently brought it to a friends house, the friend picked me up in is truck and set it upright in the truck bed. I pointed out the obvious mistake and requested it be laid down, he insisted it would not be a problem.

    Of course after the first left hand turn, it tipped over and came crashing down. Since then it has not been the same. I can still get some volume, but it really lacks any bottom end and distorts very easily. I talked to the guy at my local music and repair place, without looking at it, he thought it could be that the magnet shifted from the speaker and would need to be replaced.


    Anyone think or know if this sounds right? If so, any idea what and where I can get a replacement speaker for this beauty of an amp?

    Thanks in advance

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    I agree. It could easily be that the speaker has a shifted gap. Try the amp with another speaker, first to see if that is indeed the problem. Also, you can pull the grill off and test it. Gently push the cone up and down and see if it moves freely or makes any rubbing sounds.
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    But it could also be something else too, I would not just up and order a speaker without at least LOOKING to see if something snapped off in the wiring, or a mechanical damage to the speaker..
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