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Thread: Question to MWF Admin: parts section?

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    Question to MWF Admin: parts section?

    Hi Admin,
    In BuildYourAmp there's a kit section etc. Any chance to make a separate section for parts discussions, e.g. I found part X at this place Y, etc.?
    Sorry, meant MEF of course

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    What is wrong with posting such right where you posted this post?

    Just my own opinion, and speaking for no one but myself, I am all for fewer rather than more subsections. The more special categories we have the more it gets divided into little narrow interests. I am attracted to threads by their title and title content, not what subsection it is in.

    For example, I do not wind pickups and do any luthier work, so I never visit those sections. But in the activity stream, a post in one of those sections can catch my eye because it also impacts other areas. I then go to the post, which I otherwise wouldn;t have seen.
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    Another option would be to have a specific 'parts' post designated as a 'sticky' at the top of an appropriate section.
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    Thanks. Maybe Im too concerned that I am putting a post 'in the right place. The one thing seemed most difficult was to ask about parts sources. Agreed, though, can post them here, and a sticky would be nice as well.

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