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Thread: Head outside of cabinet

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    Head outside of cabinet

    How dangerous would it be to use an amp head like this assuming the head had a base plate and other than burning yourself on the hot valves ?

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    With a properly 'grounded' chassis & a full base plate, I do not see any issues.

    There is the heat of the valves, yes.

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    And most valves mounted upright like that dissipate heat from the surface such that just touching them briefly won't burn you. That's not an endorsement to be cavalier about it, but I don't think you're at risk of hearing that SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS sound

    My greater concern would be that your proposal doesn't protect sensitive parts and isn't entirely safe. Even if you DO have some kind of handle arrangement it's still possible to do something clumsy and bash a tube. That already sucks, but now there's also a potentially fatal high voltage node exposed. Considering if a tube is broken probably means something clumsy has happened, where is your hand right now? You don't know! Dangerous. Bad idea. It's cavalier and lazy with potential consequences being ignored. At least get some screen plate, cut and bend a cover and screw it to the chassis.
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    It's not my amp it's just a picture that I saw whilst trawling the net and got me wondering, I was thinking of making mine using a cage made out of this
    I've got some 1mtr x 3mtr sheets of it that I salvaged back in the days when I used to build industrial buildings it's from louvre covers that someone over ordered

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    Yes, do make a cage for the top of the chassis.

    Consider the wonderful flip top Ampeg amps.

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