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Thread: "The Tao of Jeff Beck" page on Premier Guitar site

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    "The Tao of Jeff Beck" page on Premier Guitar site

    There is a really slick on-line Jeff Beck tutorial just posted on the Premier Guitar website. It has 8 examples of very influential riffs he has used going back 50 years to 1967. Just a few bars each but when you click the Play button you hear the riff and backing track playing as you scroll through the sheet music with tablature following the bouncing red note. There is also a PDF of the sheet music with the 8 examples which is attached at the bottom of this post.

    The 8 riffs in the examples are ones I've always wondered about... "How does he do that?!?" Perhaps most interesting is the last one which explains the source of his inspiration for much of the whammy bar magic he has come up with in the past two decades...

    Our final example (Ex. 8) is a phrase from the Bulgarian folksong “Kalimanku Denku.” This particular vocal music is perfect for working on Beck’s tremolo stylings because it is, in fact, what inspired much of his playing in the past 20 years. Check out a compilation album called*"Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares"*to hear what Beck used as the model for his mature and advanced tremolo bar work.

    Wow... I always thought that some of Beck's whammy bar playing (as well as Derek Trucks' slide work) had a mystical spiritual quality to it almost like Tuvan throat singers in the movie "Genghis Blues" shown in the YouTube video featured in Post #2.

    Watch "Paul Pena from the movie Genghis Blues" on YouTube:

    Steve A.

    Here is attached PDF file of sheet music for the 8 examples:

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    From the movie "Genghis Blues" with Paul Pena featuring Tuvan throat singing.

    Watch "Paul Pena from the movie Genghis Blues" on YouTube:

    In case you are not familiar with Paul Pena he wrote the Steve Miller song "Jet Airliner" which was on his album "New Train" recorded in 1973 but not released until 2000.

    Here is the full album on YouTube:

    Watch "Paul Pena - New Train (Full Album)" on YouTube
    One more audio/Video from "Genghis Blues"...

    Listen to "Paul Pena, Tuva Farewell" on YouTube

    Steve A.

    P.S. From the wikipedia entry on "New Train"...

    Ben Sidran gave an unreleased copy of New Train to Steve Miller, who recorded Pena's "Jet Airliner" with his band for their 1977 album Book of Dreams. The "Jet Airliner" single went to #8 on the Billboard chart. Pena's primary source of income in his later years were royalties from that single.
    Interesting enough "Mercury Blues" from Steve Miller's 1976 album "Fly Like An Eagle" generated considerable royalty income for noted SF Bay Area blues producer Bob Geddins who later got royalties for SRV's recording of "Tin Pan Alley".
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    Jeff Beck is one of my long-term favourite players. Other guitarists I have a run on and then don't listen to for a while but Jeff Beck is always there. Whenever people say a particular amp is crap, I offer this; You pick any amp on earth and let Jeff beck play the crap one. Now which would sound crap?

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