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Thread: ABY Normal

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    ABY Normal

    Here are some pictures of my ABY switch in a ham can. Did you know you can get metal flake duct tape now? That's what the finish is. It works okay, but it clicks through the amp when I switch. I omitted the 100k resistors between the tip and sleeve of the A and b jacks (they are marked optional on the layout) Would adding them stop the clicking?


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    Yes. But I would have used 1M resistors there. I wonder why JD used 100k.
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    Dang, she IS a beauty! Fanciest dam' ABY box I've ever seen for sure.

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    Thanks Bob, I'll add resistors there.
    Thanks Leo. I wasn't trying to make it fancy, though it sure turned out that way. I was really just going for easy using stuff that I already had. I did have to buy stomp switches and metal flake duct tape though.

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