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Thread: JBL EON 510 Input Module Schematic needed

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    JBL EON 510 Input Module Schematic needed

    Hi everyone,
    I got a defect JBL EON 510 speaker ( no sound, but all LED are ok ). It contains 2 modules: input module and amplifier module. I found the schematic for the amplifier and this seems ok.
    Now it would be very helpful to have the schematic for the input module ( it has several 4580 op-amp ICs ).

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    This is all that I have.

    Eon 515 mix: E515 IO

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    just a suggestion, but check if the EQ switch is good.
    If the switch is broken inside, the input led will light up that there is signal but no sound will come out.

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    Fixed it!
    Shandryderrick you were right, it was the EQ - switch. Bridged the switch in position "FLAT" from pin 1 to pin 3, as I don't need the EQ that often.
    Jazz P Bass & Shandryderrick, thanks for the excellent support.
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