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Thread: I'm looking for some opinions on the value of these original Fender O.T.s

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    I'm looking for some opinions on the value of these original Fender O.T.s

    So, I have a lot of 5 original Fender output transformers which I'm thinking of putting up for sale. All tested, working, and in the condition posted below. 4 of them are part #022855 (commonly used in Blackface Super Reverbs), and the other is part #022871 (blackface bassman heads).
    Any opinions what kind of market there might be for these and what they might be worth? take a look:

    I've seen asking prices that are all over the map for some vintage OTs, but I figure you cats who have been in the tech game longer than I have could provide a little guidance. Thanks
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    people ASK all kinds of prices, don't know what they are actually selling for. A quick look at AES found similar items for under $80. I don't know what that date code reads, but there is no patina on these, so you get no vintage removed from Buddy Holly's amp sort of boost.
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    You asked the wrong crowd
    *Techs* do not care about Mojo but performance, availability and cost, so standard product considered will either be some competent well made and reasonably priced commercial offer such as Classic Tone or similar competitors (excluding Mercury Magnetics which run their own separate course) or original Fender transformers which are readily available and for very reasonable price, so much so that they are often used in non Fender builds.

    Yours "should" be somewhere in between, but hey!!! just offer them on EBay or similar with a highish price tag and some Marketing catchphrases and let the Market answer.

    You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Offer just one, and if you sell it in 5 minutes you know you aimed low, then correct later offers; if interest is "not that hot" that is also valid, let "we The People" decide.
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    Rather than the speculative prices asked by wheeler dealers, try an eBay ‘advanced’ search, check the ‘completed ‘ box to see what price stuff actually sells for.
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    I would think Schumachers would sell well, depending on how old they are would likely influence price some.
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    Ha! Your right, Fahey. After all, I would keep these if I cared about “vintage” mojo.
    But, for the player or collector, your not going to find original 60’s Schumacher OTs in better condition. But Ill see what kind of interest i can muster up on the first one. (One of these just sold for $250 in February. )
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    If I have a 50% chance of guessing the right answer, I guess wrong 80% of the time.

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    There is a guy on ebay who is parting out a working BF Dual Showman head on ebay right now, so you might want to follow his auctions. He is selling the chassis, transformers, and case separately. The iron looked like it was authentic for a 1966 BF DS. Of course, when looking at ebay you always want to look at completed sales rather than asking prices, which are often unrealistic. But you may have a problem finding an auction like what you're offering. What you're offering is not common.

    You are asking the wrong crowd -- people here are not collectors or Vintage Anal Homos ("VAH" is a real vintage collector's term, no intolerance intended), so they won't place any premium on your iron. FWIW I have some genuine old Super Reverb iron that I won't be letting go of for anything less than a ridiculously high price. Someone will pay it if I ever decide to let it go. Irrespective of whether this crowd places value on such things, real vintage iron is both desirable and scarce, so it does deserve a premium valuation over a generic replacement or a Midway Magnetics reproduction.
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