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Thread: 6L6 SE Amp with 20 Watts?

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    Hi Max, thats ok, no prob ( i will probably start a new thread for the parallel output tubes), i like Your attitude, but You mentioned an EKO amp, do You know any good Resources for these?
    i Have an Herald 4 under the table, the PT started to smoke when i plugged it in, this thing was a hybrid with transistor preamp and 2 x el34 tube power amp, the ot is good, a far as i can test. but i cant find any schematics for these.

    As for the Guitar making thats very interesting!
    I build several guitars before i got into electronics, since then i built 5 amps:
    - 18watt clone
    - Princeton clone with ef86 mod
    - p1 with ef86 mod
    - medianox ( my own design with one single 12ax7as pre and poweramp)
    - firefly clone with 12au7 selfsplit powerstage

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    If you like the character of an EL84, why don't you try an EL34?
    "Enzo, I see that you replied parasitic oscillations. Is that a hypothesis? Or is that your amazing metal band I should check out?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satamax View Post
    6L6, not possible imho but 6550!

    Bottom of page 2

    I've done a SE KT120 that put out around 25W or a bit more -- sounded great. Will likely build another one of these days.

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