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Thread: How about bass tube amp

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    Quote Originally Posted by kg View Post
    gary, i think steve is pointing out that high power, high plate voltage tubes "like" higher plate load impedances, which is correct.

    i'd also like to point out the baga: 12x kt90s, 4x el84, 1x 6n1p, 100lbs, 500w. 9 years later on the same kt90s!
    Giving it a higher plate load is not a problem. Besides, there are other 813 projects on the web, which give me the idea in the first place. I'll start with a plate voltage of 1.4 KV, and just take it from there.

    Gary Moore
    Moore Amplifiication

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Conner View Post
    Unfortunately they're ghetto. The core is so undersized that they draw several amps of magnetizing current from the line. This means they radiate lots of acoustic and magnetic hum, and will overheat if run continuously, even unloaded. Also, one end of the secondary is connected to the core, and there isn't enough insulation at this end to let you disconnect it and use the tranny with a bridge rectifier.

    In short, putting one in a tube amp is like putting a weed whacker engine in your lovingly restored '49 Harley-Davidson. And, they give 2kV AC, not 1.
    Ok, best used for Tesla Coils!
    Strange that you used the motorcycle analogy.
    A weed whacker engine in a Charley Davidson might make it go better, but it would still handle like a pig.
    Sorry, I have only ever owned classic Triumphs and the only Harley I would have ever liked to own was a 1942 750 side valve.

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    Talking about big bass amps, don't forget the Trace Elliot V8 with 8 KT88 output tubes. Probably nice if you use 8 KT120 too.

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    Then there's the Yorkville/Traynor YBA 300 with 12 x 6L6's or EL34's @ 51lbs (23kg)

    Have to take out a mortgage to re-tube !
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    as for bass amps... BIG and LOUD.... hard to beat my 400 ps Fender... or my 1200s Sunn, or my YBA3 Traynor.... but i like the tube sound... yes i started playing in the mid '60s....solid states then were not at all reliable...another thing about Jack Bruce was his EB3 Marshall combo.... lots of us thought it was more of a tuba sound...I got to play his eb3 once and regret not buying one then.....ive always played fenders and would still like a short scale bass.... only an eb3 with the rotary switch...

    Frank Uboat

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