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Thread: Replacement speakers for G&K 250ML?

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    Replacement speakers for G&K 250ML?

    Does anyone know of a current source for replacement speakers for a Gallien Krueger 250ML? I'd rather not have to resort to G&K, and I'd actually be surprised if they even carried them anymore anyway. The way these amps were built, the [correct] physical specs are [almost] more important than the electronic specs, in order for them to fit into the cabinet properly (typical for G&K)

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    I actually just had this discussion with the parts manager at G-K a couple of weeks ago. Drivers with those dimensions and impedance (16 ohms) are not easy to come by on the open market, and G-K DOES still carry the drivers. To make life easier, I ordered a bunch for stock, because we don't really see too many of these and the other permutations like the 200MV anymore.
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