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Thread: Question on capacitor values

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    Question Question on capacitor values

    Hey guys, persuant to the thread I started a while back, I am going to build a version of RG's pedal board power supply (

    I ordered my parts from Mouser, then realized that I made a mistake. Instead of the 220uf caps I ordered 22uf, and instead of the 10uf ones, I ordered 100uf. Obviously, I was off by factors of ten both times. So I reorderd the correct parts and all will be well when they arrive.

    My question is, what would happen if I did use these caps instead of the correct value ones? I have a fairly good understanding of what filter caps do, but I'm not so sure what these "off-by-a-magintude-of-order" values whould do to affect the power supply. Can anyone tell me?


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    Using 22uf instead of 220uf as power supply filters means there would be a lot less filter action, and the increase of hum is likely.

    Using 100uf in place of 10uf in a filter or decoupling application won't likely cause harm, it'll just be real well filtered. But if it is in the signal path it could have an effect on freq response or something. That is not very likely in a power supply.

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    Thanks Enzo. I suppose I could switch their positions in the circuit and get pretty close to the design specs. Like you said, being in a power supply that is more or less outside the signal path, it shouldn't hurt anything.

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