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Thread: Getcha Pull!!! RG100ES for stomp preamp!?!

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    Getcha Pull!!! RG100ES for stomp preamp!?!

    Hi all,

    I've always tinkered here and there with my gear trying to find some good tones and decided recently to try to build a stomp box pedal. Ah, naive young Sir. Well, my first venture was a "Smash Drive" which I'm currently awaiting the parts for, but in the meantime thought I'd jump the gun and head straight to the main goal of my exploits. To build the red channel of the Randall RG100ES into a stomp box. I decided to go a little further and incorporate the green channel too so I can then plug it straight into the return of the FX loop on my Mesa. I just need someone's opinion on my work so far, but more specifically in I need to incorporate the last resistor R17 (2.2k), or whether what I've done is just total rubbish.

    There are points on the board that lead to pots and some components are to be wired to lugs on the pots too.

    Fingers crossed!!
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    this guy did just the thing you talked about here...

    lawrencepetrossdesign dot com
    Eighty 7 Pedal

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    It's good to know there's folks digging thru the deep back files here in search of knowledge. 2008, whew, seems like yesterday...

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