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  1. The important things about Home guitar amp

    Many people buy larger guitar amp. Because larger amp can be used in many places, gigs, shower etc .But when they practiced guitar in home, they had to meet troubles. The lound of amp made their neighbor not comfortable.At present, there are serval ways to overcome. One is using attenuator, One is power scaling or VVR.The two are same ,reduce the power on speaker.but the power on speaker become smaller, the hearing of people feel difference. So the key of two way is loundness curve.
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  2. Show Or selling by internet

    Few days ago, I join in one musical instrumen Show in shanghai. Although I have some new ideas by show , it is still not happy business trip. Longer distance trip, bad and expensive food in lunch.noise envirement which let you difficult to think.
    Because musical instrument change little each year , I don't know why so many people still want to join show,The cost of show is very expensive.
    One ipressive things is I met one dealer in U.K, we discussed about e-market in future.