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Walking Eagle

An exquisite italian handmaded booster...

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[QUOTE=Walking Eagle;258230]See it on YouTube:
- ASAR Guitar Butter Booster (SLoCLone);
- ASAR Guitar Butter Booster (SLoCLone) 1;

The prototype that you see in the video has a circuit with four N-channel JFET. The input stage is not like that of Jack Orman style, but is more evolved.
The high performance power supply is voltage regulated to maximize performance and minimize the hum.
Preamplifiers and all stages that receiving the first signal from the pick ups has a huge responsibility and must be absolutely quiet to not disturb the harmonics produced by the guitar, as well as to not be annoying when the strings are stopped.

For any questions please contact me to [email][/email].
Or here, of course.[ATTACH=CONFIG]18346[/ATTACH][/QUOTE]
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  1. kilphody's Avatar
    What makes it "italian"?
  2. Walking Eagle's Avatar
    Be built in Italy by an Italian.
  3. kilphody's Avatar
    That's what I thought. I was wondering if " italian" (in lower case) was referring to a type of circuit
  4. Walking Eagle's Avatar
    Ok, I understand. The circuitry is quite complex, but I think I can point to some national origin. Maybe it's Italian because was developed and fine-tuned by me. I think it's the same thing as to say that the Ongaku amplifier circuitry is Japanese because it was developed by Hiroyasu Kondo.
  5. kilphody's Avatar
    Yes, as Marshallesque amps are " british" lol.
  6. Walking Eagle's Avatar
    ...the Tube Driver and the the Soldano SLO are Yankees... Warwick is German ...
    The important thing is that each take has tried to do the best they could with their know-how and way of thinking.
    No one starts from nothing, but everyone can improve something or make their own version.
    I thought that I had to develop a booster/preamp pedal that would help guitarists improve their groove, touch response and sound in general, on the highest number of situations.
    It 's wonderful when a bluesman friend of mine uses it as a preamp on the "Power Amp In" of his Fender Hotrod DeVille and DeLuxe, and always improves the sound when it precedes pedal effects, which in turn precedes a combo or a stack amp.
    Is superb when it precedes my version with two valves (Twin Driver, prototype) of the legendary Tube Driver.