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Mackie Th12a

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Hey all,

Im working on a Mackie Th 12a (thump). The resistor r4 connecting jr2 (xlr jack) to J1 is fried. If youve got the schematic its on the TH-12A AMP SCHEMATIC 0021633-XX-E09-SCH page. Its just a 100 ohm resistor. Does it have a specific function and need to be replaced?? Or can I just run a wire connecting the two solder pads.


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  1. tboy's Avatar
    Please don't post questions in the blog section. You'll get a much better response in the forum. Your question hs been re-posted here:, and will be deleted from your blog.
  2. Martin Pedder's Avatar
    Hi Lowell,

    I have a Thump TH-12A on the bench with virtually no output. At full volume, there is a little distorted sound coming out of both drivers, so I suspect the problem is in the input stage.

    Do you have schematics or a service manual and could you either post them here or PM me.