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"STRAToBUCKER" - all that have been missed in Stratocaster®!

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[B]Hum-Bucking replacement pickups for Stratocaster ® with more then Vintage Strat Sound![/B]


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We are glad to present you our new product – STRATOBUCKER. This is a replacement pickup for a Stratocaster®. Structurally, it is a Single Coil sized Humbucker with one exceptional character – the TONE! STRATOBUCKER sounds like a real Vintage Strat® single coil. It has a full gamma of overtones characteristic to a classic Stratocaster pickup and is absolutely noiseless! We wouldn’t claim that the tone of STRATOBUCKER is an identical copy of the tone of the standard STRAT pickups, nevertheless, we can definitely ensure you about the maximum of similarity and new dimensions of the sound with full conformity and the original frequency response of Stratocaster® sound.
Technology of creating STRATOBUCKER is same as many modern sound modeling technologies, such as POD by Line 6. By means of equipment we use for analysis of the spectral characteristics of the audible range were collected samples of settings of classic Stratocaster® single coils. Then, by research and tests we create similar features to our STRATOBUCKER.
STRATOBUCKER is designed the way to be a perfect fit to the standard Strat pickguard without bringing in any adjustments to the guitar.
The pickups are available as a calibrated set for Neck, Middle, and Bridge positions. The difference is only in the electrical parameters. Geometrically pickups are identical.
All APG pickups are hand made, wax potted and are tested on a guitar in the original position.

Pickups are available for sale in three different versions:

“STRATOBUCKER” - sound closest to the sound of classical Strat®.
“STRATOBUCKER Blues” - more hot universal sound, but still recognizable as Strat®.
“STRATOBUCKER Rock” - maximum power but still recognizable as Strat®.


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  1. David Schwab's Avatar
    That would be "full gamut", not full gamma.
  2. hanhpt's Avatar
    look nice
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