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Peavey bandit 112 volume concern

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  • Peavey bandit 112 volume concern


    I am the owner of a Peavey Transtube Bandit 112, it is one of the older models that has the red binding on parts of the frame. Recently I revamped my pedal board. Previously I had a Boss ME-70 and ran it through the effects loop. I had no issues whatsoever, the vol pedal worked, the output control acted as a master volume, everything was beautiful. Now that I have replaced the All-in-one pedal board with stand alone pedals I am encountering some issues (I also made a volume box so that I could have a master volume). I will have everything plugged into their proper jacks and all pedals powered appropriately, and when I have my volume pedal in the "off" position there is signal that "leaks" through on the distorted channel of the amp. So I unplugged all the pedals and checked each one individually... All of them work fine. Now I turned the amp on and unplugged all the pedals so it was just the guitar and amp. I turned it to the dirty channel and then turned the post gain all they way down and there it was... The signal was coming through. I've eliminated the pedals as the source of the problem... So now I am not sure of what's going on. Help would've appreciated

    Thank you in advance

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    It would seem like you have some crosstalk within the amp, or the channel switching does not totally mute the distorted channel. Do you have the skills to repair or modify your amp?

    It would be a big help if you can find and post the schematic (or a link) for your exact amp. There may be more than one version.
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      If you have the Red Stripe Bandit, I believe the attached file contains the Preamp, Power Amp, and parts list.

      Are you using the Peavey Footswitch? Disconnect that for a minute and make sure you have the manual channel switch set for the Clean channel. Do you have output? Then test the Distortion channel by flipping the switch. The controls on the Clean channel should have no affect. Let us know what you find.
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        I don't think I am good enough to repair anything myself at this point. My amplifier is the Peavey bandit that was made in china Click image for larger version

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        I have plugged in the foot-switch I bought for it and tried again. For my amp it needs to be set to the lead channel on the amplifiers face in order to work. The channels aren't bleeding into eachother though. Whenever I am on the dirty channel and I have my Pre gain set to maybe 75% and I have the Post gain to 0% it's the dirty signal that still comes through. It is very faint in volume. However one thing I noticed was this, as I turned the Pre gain more and more towards 0% the very faint representation of the signal began to disappear, and eventually there was no sound at all. When I put my old system back into the effects loop the problem goes away... until I turn off the noise gate on the ME-70, but at the same time when the volume pedal that is in the ME-70 it manages to decrease the volume to absolute zero and there is no signal coming out.


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          I'm trying to follow your testing process here but I am a bit confused. But it seems like the "problem" has something to do with you using the Effects Loop.

          When you say "I have my Pre gain set to maybe 75% and I have the Post gain to 0% it's the dirty signal that still comes through. It is very faint in volume...." that almost sounds normal to me. It may be that "0" really isn't "totally off." So there could be some signal passing through.

          I would check the jacks on the Effects Loop- both of them. Get yourself some DeoxIT D 5 cleaner. Shoot some cleaner inside each jack. Get yourself a 1/4 phono plug. Put some cleaner on that. Insert the plug into each jack, twirl it around, take it out, put it back in, etc. Let's see if cleaning this jack solves some of your problem.

          The other thing I get from your post is that the standalone ME-70 behaves one way, but a string of individual pedals does something else. That tells me you have an issue with the string of effects. If using the ME pedal does not cause a problem, that tells me the amp (and Effects Loop jacks) are ok. But the minute you switch over to the effects strings you have a problem... that tells me either one of those effects is not working properly OR maybe one of your patch cables is bad.

          The thing I would focus on first is the amp... is the amp working correctly or not... figure that out.

          The other thing you might try is this... instead of putting the effects in the Effects Loop, take your guitar, go into the ME pedal, then into channel 1 input. See if you have any issues. If not, then go through your effects pedals and back into Channel 1 input. See if you get the same results. I would try to see if you have an issue in the pedal string.