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What reverb tank is this?

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  • What reverb tank is this?

    I have a reverb tank without part number or similar. I actually even don't remember getting it. I guess its some Chinese thingy...

    I don't have the means of measuring the impedance at home, only resistance. Figuring that these tanks are pretty much standard stuff I wonder if the resistance alone is enough to get an idea of what tank this is.

    233 Ohm on the output
    76 Ohm on the input side.

    Help would be appreciated! :-)
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    There are charts. Look at most any maker of pans and their chart will be close.
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      Assume impedances to be roughly 10 times the DCR. E.g. Belton: Input DCR 75 Ohm, impedance 600 or 800 Ohm. Output DCR 200 Ohm, impedance 2250 Ohm or 2575 Ohm. Higher impedance values are for 3-spring tanks.
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        Quite right!

        In this forum everyone is entitled to my opinion.


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