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peavey classic 30 trannys?

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  • peavey classic 30 trannys?

    Hey guys, i was just given a set of trannys from a peavey classic 30. i was hoping to use them for a amp project. I'm not sure if the power tranny has a 6.3 tap or not. Does anyone here know if the two yellow wires on the secondary are 6.3v or not?

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    Apply power to the transformer and measure them. The Classic 30 is a tube amp, so it would certainly have a filament winding in the PT.
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      Ya thanks dude, i blew the fuse in my variac and will try it when i get another one in the morning. thanks.


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        Look at the schematic.

        No, there is no 6v winding. There is a heater winding, but it is 25vAC. The four power tubes are wired heaters in series, so 4 x 6.3v.

        Note they also rectify and filter that 25vAC to make -36vDC. The three 12AX7s in that amp are also wired in series across that -36vDC.

        If you want to build a project with the same tube complement, you are all set.
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          hey enzo, ya thanks man, i just got a hold of the schematic and your right. Guess i'll have to go with the same tube compliment as the classic 30. Thanks for your reply,much appreciated.