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New Cab for an Old Peavey.

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  • New Cab for an Old Peavey.

    Built a cab for a Special 130 I picked up, just scrap ply using biscuits, came out OK!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SP130-2.JPG
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Name:	SP130-6.JPG
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Name:	SP130-11.JPG
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    Nice work!

    (and lol@the ordnance )
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      Thanks, not really ordnance, just some old training rounds, (I bet I handled 1000's of true ordnance rounds when I had a GQ station on the 3"/50 starboard gun), I think that's where I lost my high frequency hearing also!


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        Thatsa thumbs up for ordnance, not for losing your hearing... I have a friend who was a civilian chemical engineer for the Navy who spent lots of time on the fields. One day I asked if he had a 1k test tone I could use; he hit 10k by acvident and was wondering why I grabbed mybears and winced. He didn't hear it at all. He thought that one was broken.

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          The VA sent me down to an audiologist in the spring, and got me some hearing aids. Pretty cool with standard, (speech), as well as a flatter response for music, I can adjust them with a phone. Also a bluetooth adapter that relays the phone, (or any other device right into my ears!)
          Modern technology!


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            Looks great. Not the first amp I'd think of when discussing new cabinets for. But I did always like the Special 130.
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              Cab looks BEAUTIFUL! Now those knobs...
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                A guitar player friend bragged to me about one he had, back in the day, so when a chassis came up, (cheap), I bought it! I'll need to play through it a while, but so far I like it. I'm going to take it to his house for a while, and let him remember what he liked, (or didn't) with the one he had. He has my VK 212 right now.
                (I have a couple of Bandits over at my sister in laws houses for informal jams, my daughter hit me up for one of the Bandits to stay at her house, so maybe I'll have a replacement).