say guy wassup.. sorry i litterally found this just minutes after making my post
i ran accross a couple'a old 16mm film projectors at the thrift store.. one obviously dammaged the other seems in pretty good order.. they both have 8ohm speaker jacks, not shure why i mention this.. my question..

where do you go, or, is there such a resource, that would tell a person whether these item are tube amped?? or, would one of you good people know? and if so would it make for any knid of'a guitar amp? < yup the question stll remains

ones a Bell & Howell filmsound< damaged.. the others a Singer 10watt i dont recall the model name.. at only 15$$ each i'm tempted to by the singer on a hunch as it is worth at least that on ebay.. i'd rather buy the Bell&Howell as its broken and butchering vintage movie equipments not really appealing to me.. many thanks guys...............laters,chuck