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laney lc15 --> ???

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  • laney lc15 --> ???

    sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

    i have a friend who wanted a broken lc15 by laney reapairing, upon inspection the circuit board is dead, god knows what he did to it. however the majority of the components are fine.
    i was hoping some one may be able to sueggest what i could build him with the parts? (i do have a vast collection of components too)
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    If the board isn't charred or totally butchered, I don't see why it can't be fixed. If you want to gut it and just use the cab, chassis, and transformers, you could easily build an 18 watt Marshall variant or an AC 15 Vox. Anything that uses 2 x EL84 outputs and 12AX7s up front really.


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      the board is butchered, it is split along several directions and barely holding together by strands. the guy tried to fix it himself before me and i think he used a claw hammer to open it

      as for alternative amps the reason i ask is because i don't know of any by name that use this combo of tubes, i'm afraid my knowledge in the tube amp area is only just starting


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        I have repaired many cracked and scattered boards. First, drill a hole at each end of each crack to stop them from spreading. Then jumper any broken or stressed traces point to point with appropriate solid core wire. It's a good idea to stablize the repair by applying epoxy to the broken areas. Depending on the situation, this can be done before or after jumping the broken traces. Sometimes it helps to sandwich some pieces of scrap board material with the epoxy over the damaged areas where possible.


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          thanks for your advice olddawg, i think i'll stick with the original idea of rebuilding, between my self and him we have decided to go with the ac15 + spring reverb + an ampeg scrambler any advice you or anyone else can offer would be greatly appreciated. also is there any pcb layouts available for the ac15 or will i have to reinforce some vero board?


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            finally got bk to this after a yr, me and the guy ended up getting me to throw some se 5ws and a couple of valve effects together to satisfy some of his design curiosity, done some work on the laney and managed to get a new pcb. replaced the output tx with amp makers 18w and mounted outside the chassis, plated over the holes for the el84's (JJ) and mounted to chassis to help keep some heat of the pcb.

            as for the circuit, we decided to have a go at changing to cathode bias, with some clever use of pads we put in 160r bypassed by 47uf with a plate voltage of around 260 and screen at about 250

            kinda doing this as i go along atm, not too fussed if it goes wrong as i can easily replace parts.... n e notice any obv mistakes so far?
            more info as i get more done thru the day
            thnx in advance ppl =)


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