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Converting a Guyatone GA-2000 MKII into something else? One 12AT7, Two 6l6GCs

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  • Converting a Guyatone GA-2000 MKII into something else? One 12AT7, Two 6l6GCs

    I got this amp for $75. Changed the tubes, it works but has some ground noise issue and doesn't sound like anything amazing.

    The Input goes through all this FETs and stuff before going to the 12AT7 and then the 6l6s. Is there any suggestions on what I could convert this to?


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    The amp looks like it has a fairly advanced solid state preamp. If you want an all tube amp, you would have to add atleast two 12AX7s and one more tube to add reverb. That would get you to the basic Blackface channel with reverb but no tremolo. If you want more overdrive and channel switching, that's more tubes.

    There are plenty of things that could be done to the solid state preamp, but that's a big involved process. Access to both sides of the circuit board would be frequent unless you can find someone who has already designed some mods. Having an oscilloscope and a signal generator would be a giant help.
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