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Fender Twin Reverb to Dual Showman Cabinet conversion

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    Originally posted by Tqi View Post
    On that subject... Ever heard of Quilter? They make a solid state, 50W blackface copy called the 101 Reverb, which is $400 and under 1Kg.

    101 Reverb | Quilter Performance Amplification
    I know a couple of people that use Quilter. I considered one being old and not liking to drag a beast around anymore. But, what I have been using as my go to club amp at least once a week for about 3 years is a Bugera V22. At the time it was $249 no tax, free shipping from Sweetwater. Single 12" combo. Around 20 watts. 2 foot switchable channels. One Fenderish, one Marshallish. It's a little heavier than it should be because the cab is MDF. It's a tube amp... 12AX7s, EL84s but the Reverb is digital. It's Chinese. Everything is stock. Everyone thinks it's a boutique amp. Lol. Best bang for the buck I've ever come across.


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      It's a 2xEL84 version of the PV 4xEL84.
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        Hey thanks for the input!

        I've been thinking of a separate cab but more along the lines of continuing with the idea of 8" speakers in the head and then 2 10" or 1 12" in the cab.

        Not sure if I'd want to go with the power soak idea but I appreciate the idea.
        I already have another twin so I'm mainly looking to experiment with different speaker configurations on this one.
        Also just picked up a JC-90 for more practical purposes but thinking of having a setup with the twin chassis/bandmaster head with 8" speakers as a dry amp channel jumping to the JC-90 as a wet amp.


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          Could you fit four 8's all in a row inside the Showman head?


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            Definitely not 4, possibly 3 but I'd be fine with just 2. Looking to make it into something like this


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              Originally posted by t_byrd View Post
              Definitely not 4, possibly 3 but I'd be fine with just 2. Looking to make it into something like this
              After reading that page, part of me is tempted to try a quartet of 6V6's in a Showman design some time.

              Anyway. Other priorities.