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  • Is this a worthwhile Project....?

    I came across this old non working Cube type Philips radio/tape player in my garage. It has 4 speakers inside and architucture that might suit a single channel voice amplifier that I could use with my guitar. I sing a bit low and play with a pick so the guitar is quite loud drowning out my voice a bit unless I put a lot of effort in to raise the voice. I stripped everything out that is no longer needed and I am now left with the speaker installation. That is 2No at 4w x 8Ώ's and 2No at 2w x 8Ώ'. It has 240V mains and battery power to the innards amounts to 12volts.

    Should I put it in the skip or might it be a worthwhile project?

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    Depends how much you value your time at. Do you need something that is battery powered? I would probably get a $50 pawn shop bass or keyboard combo amp instead, if you need battery powered look for a Crate Taxi amp or something.


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      Well, today you have a cabinet, two woofers, two tweeters, and *hopefully* a working power transformer, even better if the power supply works or you can cannibalize its main parts to build a working one.

      Perfect amplifier would be a TDA2003/LM383 based one: 10W RMS into 2 ohm load when fed from a 12V supply, you would need to build a simple microphone preamp.

      It would be suitable for a Family type "show" , from a large dining room to a smalloutdoors BBQ.

      If you think you are up to it, start searching the usualīplaces for an LM383/TDA2003 board which is *designed* to drive 2 ohm loads.

      We might then suggest a simple 1 transistor mike preamp you can build on perfboard.
      Juan Manuel Fahey