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Peavey VT classic conversion

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    Ditto on the Doctor's comment ... nice job on this project.

    You have an unused nine pin tube socket? Hmmm... reverb perhaps?


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      Sounds a little “hairy” to me when pushed... might be the speaker.. might be the band pass. Sounds good clean. If you are still using 6L6s, consider installing an effects loop and using a solid state reverb and Tremelo.


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        I had to replace the original speakers, they didn't sound good at all. And one of them made all kind of noises.
        So now there is one Celestion Century Vintage and one Weber alnico Signature speaker. Odd combo, but that was what I had available. Sounds much better than the originals, though!

        I once promised myself never to build an amp without tremolo, so the unused tube socket will be used for that. I'm going to use the Vibrochamp circuit and connect it to the cathode on the second preamp stage.

        Here is the schematic for the amp minus tremolo:chritmasconversion.pdf


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